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When it comes to Vision Benefits...the difference is clear...

Competitive coverage with access to an extensive network of vision providers.

Plans provide coverage for exams, lenses, contact lenses, frames and even LASIK.

Enrollment Deadline 18th of month Prior to Effective date
Provider Lookup (Davis Vision) (Davis Vision)
Plan Summary, Services & Co-pays PDF

In Network Benefits

Eye Examination inclusive of Dilation (when professionally indicated) 12 Months
Spectacle Lenses 12 Months
Frame 24 Months
Contact Lens Evaluation, Fitting & Follow Up Care 12 Months
Contact Lenses (in lieu of eyeglasses) 12 Months


Eye Examination $10
Spectacle Lenses $25
Contact Lens Evaluation, Fitting & FollowͲUp Care¹ $25
Eyeglass Benefit Frame (Average Retail Value)
Non-Collection Frame Allowance (Retail): Up to $150 Up to $130
Plus a 20% discount on any overage (1)
Davis Vision Frame Collection(2) (in lieu of Allowance):
Fashion level Up to $125 Included
Designer level Up to $175 Included
Premier level Up to $225 $25 copayment
Eyeglass Benefit Spectacle Lenses (Average Retail Value) Member Charges
Clear plastic singleͲvision, lined bifocal, trifocal or lenticular lenses (any size or Rx) ($60 to $120) Included
Tinting of Plastic Lenses ($20) Included
Scratch Resistant Coating ($25-$40) Included
Polycarbonate Lenses (Children (3)/ Adults) ($60-$75) $0 or $30
Ultraviolet Coating ($25-$30) $12
Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating(Standard/Premium/Ultra) ($50-$125) $25 / $48 / $60
Progressive Lenses(Standard / Premium / Ultra(4)) ($150-$300) $50 / $90 / $140
Intermediate-Vision Lenses ($150-$175) $30
High-Index Lenses ($90-$150) $55
Polarized Lenses ($95-$110) $75
Plastic Photosensitive Lenses ($95-150) $65
Scratch Protection Plan: Single Vision | Multifocal Lenses $20/$40

Contact Lens Benefit (in lieu of eyeglasses)

Non-Collection Contact Lenses: Materials Allowance Up to $130
Plus a 15% discount on any overage(1)
- Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care - Standard Lens Types Included
- Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care - Specialty Lens Types Up to $60 with an additional 15% discount off any overage
Collection Contact Lenses (2) (in lieu of Allowance): Materials
- Disposable 4 boxes / multi-packs
- Planned Replacement 2 boxes / multi-packs
- Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-up Care Included
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses (with prior approval)
- Materials, Evaluation, Fitting & Follow-Up Care
Out of Network Reimbursement Schedule up to:
Eye Examination $40
Frame Included
Scratch Resistant Coating ($25-$40) $50
Single Vision Lenses $40
Bifocal/Progressive Lenses $60
Trifocal Lenses $80
Lenticular Lenses $100
Elective Contact Lenses $105
Medically Necessary CL $225

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